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Our areas of Expertise

At ANE Business Solutions we advise many organisations in many industries. In advising many of these organisations we have gathered and continue to gather expertise in many specific areas which we believe allow us to be even greater service providers. These areas include :


The not for profit sector includes charitable institutions, religious organizations, associations, clubs as well as other types of organisations.
Traditionally seen as a secondary consideration to most business services firms, we feel this sector has been neglected.
ANE Business Solutions understands that this area needs a particular type of expertise , the type of expertise that ANE Business solutions has i nvested the time and resources in.

Our services include :
  • Advice on the right type of structure at start up
  • Applications for endorsement as deductible gift recipient
  • Applications for endorsement as a tax concession or income tax exempt fund (including income tax exemptions , GST concessions & Fringe benefits tax concessions
  • Applying for Incorporation
  • Statements of receipts and expenditure , cash flows and other reporting requirements as required by government bodies including the ATO
  • Setting up & establishing all policies and procedures to ensure compliance with all statutory requirements including independence and audit
  • Using model rules for associations and amending to meet your organizations specific requirements


With relevant and practical experience in advising pharmacists the ANE Business solutions team offers pharmacists industry specific advice that adds value to their business.

Our services include :
  • Advice of the right structure
  • Accounts and ATO compliance, including service entity arrangements
  • Budgeting, Cash flow and stock management
  • Due diligence when buying a pharmacy and preparing a pharmacy for sale
  • Key performance indicators (KPI’s) – Analysing the key indicators of your pharmacy and providing practical solutions
  • Business analysis and check up


A Niche service offered by ANE Business Solutions , applying for Tax concessions under the umbrella of Research & Development can be a tricky and time consuming exercise.
If your business involves substantial research & development then you may be entitled to a tax concession of anywhere between 125% & 175%.
In some cases this may be a rebate. Industries characteristic of R&D include engineering and IT.

Our services include :
  • Determining what activity is actually Research & Development as per eligibility criteria
  • Application for the R&D tax concession
  • Accounts and ATO compliance (completing tax return) to ensure you receive the concession
  • Policies and procedures to ensure compliance
  • Developing a Research & Development policy


In the ever competitive business environment the difference between winning and losing can be very little.
In the past 12 months we have noticed an increasing trend for big corporations(and government) to tender out projects to ensure they get the best available resources.
Having assisted our clients many times in the tendering process (including tenders to Transfields , Liverpool council, Sydney city council and the NSW state government) we have developed a formula to ensure you have every chance of success.

Our services include :
  • Developing the correct strategy
  • Research required to gain all the necessary information prior to tendering
  • Completing the tender in required format
  • Follow up post tender application and representing YOUR Business in meetings and negotiations
  • Looking for opportunities for your business in your chosen field